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  • Ethernet Over Copper - EoC - Seattle
  • High Performance Phone and Internet for Business
  • Ethernet Over Copper Provides Dedicated Internet Access in Speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps
  • Save Money on Business Phone and High Speed Internet Service in Seattle
The Better Way to Buy Phone & Internet
Two reasons for that: We work with the service providers so you don’t have to, and we help you after you buy so you always know what’s next.
Plus, we have 10 years of experience, so you’re guaranteed a solution that fits your business. And we've worked the engineering side of telecom, so we know how service gets to your location on-time. All this, and we save you money.

More time to run your business

We play the role of your telecom manager. That means we do the time-consuming legwork, so you can focus on more important tasks.

A solution that fits your needs

We're talking about cool tools that make your business run better like our internet service. But they need to work the way you do. We test them all, and then match you up.

Always know who to call

No more sales guys that sell you something and then fall off the face of the earth. We've been talking telecom for 10 years. Being here for you long-term is our mission.

Money in the bank

We save you money. Typically, 20 – 30%. How? We negotiate the best internet service and other services at the lowest price, eliminate outdated services and products, and consolidate your billing.

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