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How We Work

You know those free applications you download to make your computer run better? Caisson is like that. You get us at no cost and we make your telecom more powerful. To make this possible we:

1. Partner with over 50 best-in-class providers and become authorized agents of their products and services.

2. Use our agent relationships to negotiate the best pricing on your behalf.

3. Manage the contract and installation details to make certain your solution is delivered on time and fully supported.

Who You'll Talk To

Brian Wade President of Caisson Technologies


Caisson is phone and Internet service from telecom expert Brian Wade. He is one of the first in our region to breakaway from the high-pressure sales methods used by direct carriers. Instead, Brian combines knowledge and class to deliver a better buying experience to businesses.
Your main contact, Brian has helped deliver telecom to more than 500 small and mid-size businesses across Washington and Oregon. Before founding Caisson in 2004, Brian solved telecommunications issues for businesses as a customer service representative for Integra Telecom. Also at Integra, Brian led the provisioning team that designed a better process for transferring toll-free numbers between carriers. Hundreds of customers got improved long-distance service because of his work. In 2001, he worked as a phone switch engineer, where he programmed the lines that make connecting people possible. These experiences taught him how telecom runs, and what it takes to get quality service to your business.

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