We're the better way to buy business phone and Internet solutions. 

Two reasons for that: we work with the service providers so you don't have to and we help you after you buy so you always know what's next.

More Time to Run Your Business

We'll be your technology advisor as long as you need us. That means we do the time-consuming legwork to qualify your location for services, research current promotions, negotiate contracts and pricing, and create telecom maps. You're freed up to focus on more important tasks. How we do this.

A Solution That Fits Your Needs

We aren't tied to just one provider's products and services. We are a brokerage, so we offer independent, unbiased expertise on the latest communications, advanced networking and technology services from over 40 best-in-class providers, including Comcast Business, CenturyLink and Integra Telecom. See our list of providers.


Money In The Bank 

We save you money. Typically 20 – 30%. We do this by negotiating the best price for new phone and Internet services, eliminating outdated services and products from your current configuration, and consolidating your billing. We also do Telecom Expense Management. Learn more.  

Always Know Who to Call

No more sales reps that sell you something and then fall off the face of the Earth. What if something happens at install? What if you move office locations? What about when your contract is up? We'll handle it. We've been talking telecom for over 10 years. Being here for you long-term is our mission. 


Caisson is our one stop shop for all things Internet and phone.
— Janice Deguchi, Executive Director at Denise Louie Education Center
There is obviously a great deal of expertise with Caisson that eliminates the telecom language barrier. Caisson is really good at dissecting problems within our telecom infrastructure, condensing details and revealing solutions in a way we can understand.
— Marc Emond, IT Manager, McKillican American Inc.
Caisson’s Brian Wade understands network services as well as telecom services, including hardware. That’s hard to find. He’s our resource for business technology integration.
— Matt Witham, Owner, Morel Ink

You don't have to endure inexperience and high-pressure sales methods in telecom. There's a better way. Let us show you.

  Gigabit Ethernet improves on Fast Ethernet, offering rates up to 1000 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps.  Get it.

Gigabit Ethernet improves on Fast Ethernet, offering rates up to 1000 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps. Get it.

We're proud to deliver Dedicated Internet Access via EoC and EoF to the region's big and small office buildings.

Read news coverage of our work to deliver high bandwidth EoC to Seattle-based Taphandles, LLC.

Dedicated Internet Access is more scalable and has fewer network interruptions than legacy copper builds. 100Mb DIA starts at $699.*

*qualified locations