Zayo Offers an Easy Way for Businesses to Get Into the Cloud

Object Based Storage - A low-cost solution for managing and accessing large amounts of data.

Whether regulations require it or technology demands it, long-term retention of data is becoming a necessity. Object-based storage from Zayo Cloud Infrastructure allows for Petabytes of storage at a fraction of the price of traditional storage technologies.


Big difference . . . Zayo does not charge ingress and egress fees!

Zayo provides three types of cloud solutions: Dedicated, high-capacity cloud connectivity to providers; cloud hosting through Zayo data centers; and cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With our IaaS services, businesses can scale their infrastructure to their growth and manage their costs through customized public, private, or hybrid solutions. We also offer value-added services for additional performance, security, scalability and continuity.

If your interested in finding out more about how your company could benefit by using a cloud solution from Zayo. please give us a shout today @ (206)420-0140.