Hacking, How it Affects You

Two things keeping business owners up at night: Their competition and hackers.

Tactically, addressing competition is much easier. Hackers however, are like sharks in the water. From the surface they aren't visible, but you know they're there, waiting for their opportunity to strike.

New artificial intelligence systems with Adaptive Network Behavior Analysis features, become key in protecting customers. In the past, intruders could hack a system by slowly obtaining packets of sensitive information. This allowed the data to pass as normal business traffic.

Not afraid? Consider the following:

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks increase over 125% year over year.
  • DDoS attacks no longer require any hacking or networking skills. DDoS-for hire sites now enable anyone with Bitcoin to launch multiple simultaneous attacks from an easy-to-use interface with a menu of attacks.
  • HTTPS only encrypts data between you and the web server. It does NOT protect your valuable applications.

New technology now analyzes both inbound AND outbound traffic, and can easily be layered over your existing network.

If you aren't willing to be the victim of an attack and would like more information, we can set up an in depth call to discuss your security.  Give us a shout today @ (206)420-0140.