The Benifits of Bigleaf SD-WAN, by the Numbers

We’re often asked for specific metrics/numbers that customers should expect with the addition of SD-WAN intelligence in their network.  Although every customer is unique, and the numbers will vary depending on applications, circuit type, etc., we do have some generalized data points we can share.  If you’re selling VoIP, Cloud, or SaaS solutions without Bigleaf's Cloud-first SD-WAN, you put your customers at risk of experiencing this much down time and performance degradation of key applications!

On average over a one-month period, Bigleaf customers experience:

  • Extra Up-time - 3.5 hours of additional Internet up-time when using Bigleaf
  • Major Issues Fixed - 23 hours of prevention from dropped VoIP calls, broke web sessions, and other serious problems.
  • Minor Issues fixed - 34 hours of prevention from choppy VoIP calls, slow apps, and degraded performance.
Benefits of SD-WAN


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