Webinars vs. Web Conferencing, Which Is Right for You?

Webinars vs.Web Conferencing.jpg

Work on a global scale? Say yesterday you met with customers in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai - and you didn't even have to leave your office! And it's all thanks to technology.

Online communication tools make it easy to work across continents and time zones, but not all digital solutions are created equally. Is your company using webinars and web conferencing platforms to their fullest potential? Let's take a look at the difference between the two.

Defining Webinars and Web Conferencing

A webinar is a live online event, where viewers access it in real time. Webinars are usually informative presentations like lectures, seminars, workshops or demonstrations. Interactive features allow for features like shared screens, Q&As and topic discussions.

Web conferencing software is used for (and is more effective at) conducting online meetings, trainings, private video chats and sharing content. 

How to Tell the Difference

The most significant difference between webinars and web conferences? Scale. Webinar platforms are best suited for large group meetings and events with robust audiences. On the other hand, web conferencing is designed for intimate meetings. It can be far more interactive, allowing for seamless two-way conversation and collaboration.

Webinar tools are often the best way to deliver targeted, relevant content promoting products and services to prospects or customers. Alternatively, web conferencing is better suited for 1 to 1 interactions like personal demos or sales proposals with a single client.

When to Use Which One

If you're planning a one-to-many live event, you'll want to host a webinar. If you're hosting a one-to-one or small group meeting, opt for web conferencing. But what's most helpful is to find a software solution that offers both live event and small meeting capabilities, which will make your life easier if you have a use for both types of web events.

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