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Cyxtera Technologies combines a worldwide footprint of 50+ best-in-class data centers with a software-powered architecture that brings on-demand provisioning to a broad range of colocation and connectivity services which allows IT leaders to rapidly deploy dedicated IT infrastructure with a cloud-like like provisioning experience. Cyxtera combines its secure data centers with a portfolio of modern, cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics offerings – providing more than 3,500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers an integrated, secure and cyber-resilient infrastructure platform for critical applications and systems.

Data Centers

  • Global footprint of world-class data centers with on-demand infrastructure services

  • Leading software-defined perimeter solution for intelligent, adaptive secure access

  • Complete suite of offense and defense-oriented threat management and analytics solutions

  • Security solutions extend across public clouds and on-premises infrastructure for protection across hybrid I.T.

  • Average of eight carriers per data center – and growing

  • Direct connect to MSOs and CDNs – ideal for edge delivery

  • Access to direct, private low-latency connectivity to public clouds

  • Direct-connect to financial market data feeds in major financial markets

Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD)

  • Cyxtera has made significant investment in an automated provisioning platform which eliminates the majority of steps associated with the build out of a dedicated collocation environment, as well as the hardware purchasing process and automate many of the customer specific infrastructure deployment steps (what typically happens inside the cage) bringing what was previously measured in months down to a simple, on-demand process that is measured in hours. We call this service the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD). In short, it brings a cloud-like consumption model to colocation.

  • The Extensible Data Center is built on a strong foundation of highly resilient facilities run with an unwavering commitment to Operation Excellence.

  • CXD extends a software defined network throughout the data center, securely linking customers with services, providers, and business partners

  • With an API first approach Cyxtera layers provisioning, automation, and metering functions on the data center network

  • The CXD platform is secured with our industry-leading software defined perimeter solution, AppGate SDP and the platform provides a delivery system for our threat analytics and other solutions.

  • This platform also has eliminated or reduced the complexity and time to deploy and configure data center networks.

  • Massively-scalable SDN architecture

  • Point-and-click network overlay configuration for users

  • Unified Services Port: The Unified Services Port, a CXD Port, is the on ramp to the CXD Platform. Through a single redundant connection customers can provision multiple CXD enabled services, each on its own virtual layer 2 network. CXD Ports will be available in 100Mbps (CAT6 copper) as well as 1Gbps and 10Gbps (single-mode fiber). 10Gbps CXD Ports are automatically deployed for CXD Compute Nodes, with bandwidth across the port included, providing transparent connectivity to the CXD Platform. Colocation customers can choose the CXD Port type and speed, and will be charged for the aggregate bandwidth used across all services.

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