Seattle EoC Prices Continue To Slide

Integra Telecom lowers the price of its EoC service in Seattle again.

Today, while putting together a phone and Internet solution for one of my downtown Seattle financial services clients I noticed that Integra Telecom has lowered the price of its popular Business Connect Bundle service. The 10Mb integrated EoC (Ethernet Over Copper) used to sell for $599 per month and included 4 to 8 voice channels. Now that 10Mb EoC service sells for $449 with 10 voice channels. Integra Telecom's Broadband Bundle Service has been very popular with small businesses in downtown Seattle.

Here are some more details regarding this new Integra Telecom promotion:

ICB: IP-60712-093012-1

Business Connect Bundles

All Bundles include: 
~10 voice channels 
~T1 or EoC/EoF access bandwidth (pricing below)
~LD and Feature Package 2000 (Overage $.04)
~up to 50 DIDs
~ISP Package
~250 voice conferencing minutes
~up to 3 Toll Free numbers
~IP Address - Bundle of 8

Additional voice channels/lines sessions at $10 MRC each 
or $100 MRC for 24 total voice channels (23 for PRI)

~24 maximum voice channels (23 PRI, SIP Trunks , see Voice Config)
~Based on SIP Solutions product
~Voice channel options: Bus Lines, PRI, SIP Trunking, Digital Trunking
~See Page 3 of SIP Solutions Quick Sheet for config options
~Caller ID Name & Number @ $20 MRC
~Additional voice conferencing minutes at $0.14 per min/per participant
~DID numbers not guaranteed sequential; does not include Vanity TNs
~Additional features available at standard rates
~$75 MRC per T1 local loop fee where applicable

Business Connect - T1 = $249 BIZ1T
Business Connect - T2 = $450BIZ1T, BIZT1ADD
Business Connect - T3 = $575 BIZ1T, BIZT1ADD
Business Connect - E3 = $299 BIZ3E
Business Connect - E5 = $349 BIZ5E
Business Connect - E10 = $449 BIZ10E
Business Connect - E15 = $599 BIZ15E
Business Connect - E20 = $699 BIZ20E
Business Connect - E30 = $799 BIZ30E

PRI Promo Code: BIZPRI23
Full 24 Promo Code: BIZFULL24

$250 NRC per Business Connect Bundle

This promotion is not valid with any other promotion
3 year term only

If you would like to order this service or find out what phone and Internet solution would be best for your business please give us a call at (206) 420-0140.