Residential Internet Access Keeping Your Teleworkers Down?

Does poor performing residential Internet access keep your teleworkers from being productive?

In a lot of cases, it’s not the bandwidth that determines performance across a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s latency, jitter and packet loss. Specifically, it's what the service provider, like Comcast is doing to the network behind the scenes that causes latency, jitter and packet loss, which in turn slows residential service. Sometimes to a stand still.


For $299/mo your teleworker can be more productive. That’s the price of an MPLS T1 to a residence. I'm designing this exact solution for a small business with a from-home teleworker this week. You can get a MPLS node via DSL transport for as little as $109.95/mo right now. Other transport methods are available, including T1 ($299) and EoC (call for pricing).

Bandwidth ranges for different transport methods:

  • DSL - 1.5Mb down X 768k up to 25mb down to 1.5mb up
  • T1 - 1.5Mb symmetrical to 12Mb symmetrical.
  • EoC bandwidth is available from 3Mb to 30Mb.

As always, contact us with any questions. You can reach us right now, direct at (206) 420-0140.

Caisson Uses MPLS and High Bandwidth EoC to Help Taphandles Serve More Beer!

Telecom consulting and brokerage company, Caisson uses MPLS and high bandwidth EoC to help Taphandles LLC, a Seattle-based fully integrated beer marketing company serve more beer! Specifically, Caisson helped Taphandles utilizes EoC’s scalability to quickly double bandwidth, improving remote location server access. 

Seattle EoC Prices Continue To Slide

Northwest-based telecom carrier, Integra Telecom has lowered the prices of its popular Business Connect Bundle service.The 10Mb integrated EoC (ethernet over copper) used to be selling for $599 per month and included 4 to 8 voice channels. Now that 10 Mb EoC service sells for $449 with 10 voice channels. Integra Telecom's Broadband Bundle Service has been very popular with downtown Seattle small businesses.

Here are some more details regarding this new Integra Telecom EoC promotion:

Caisson Technologies Helps LabConnect Overhaul Telecom Solution During Office Move

Caisson provides telecom consulting and telecom brokerage services to international, biotechnology company, LabConnect LLC. 

Headquartered in Seattle, LabConnect LLC had outgrown its SODO area location and was preparing to move to a bigger space in Pioneer Square. Caisson Technologies helped transfer and update the company's entire telecom solution, including its phone system.

XO’s New Year IP FLEX and E0C Promo Pricing, 2013

XO 2012 IP Flex & EOC Pricing

    • XO can offer 1st month free for these services until 03/31/2012
      • IP Flex, SIP, MPLS, Ethernet, Cloud Back up – 36 month term required
      • PRICING
        • XO has made many pricing improvements for 2012 – this grid will show where our rates are for IP Flex and ISDN PRI. Feel free to quote these rates but make certain that the address qualifies for green zones or meets the yellow zone minimum. If you are unsure how to complete these steps, email or call me with the opportunity details – I will be happy to help.
        • includes 16 voice trunks

Ethernet Services (E-Line) Promotion

Ethernet Services (E-Line) Promotion, EoF and EoC

  • Point to Point, UNI - UNI Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Service
  • UNI Ports 10/100 Mbps
  • Best Effort only (0 Mbps CIR)
  • Available Capacity Only, no iCerts
  • Any Integra EoC or Fiber-Lit Carrier Ethernet Enabled On-Net Location
  • 36 month term

Available EoF to EoC configurations include:

  • 20Mbps $820 MRC, $250 NRC
  • 30Mbps $836 MRC, $250 NRC

Available EoC to EoC configurations include:

  • 10Mbps $606 MRC, $250 NRC
  • 20Mbps $768 MRC, $250 NRC
  • 30Mbps $784 MRC, $250 NRC

ICB CODE: E-LINE ICB: EL-50112-093012-S

Contact us for more details or to jump on this promotion today: (206) 420-0140

Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) Now Up to 60Mbps!

Business phone and Internet service provider, Integra Telecom today announced that its EoC footprint is now capable of providing up to 60 Mbps of symmetrical access in markets across its network. This is a 100% increase in available bandwidth for EoC customers. The previous limit for Integra Telecom EoC customers was 30 Mbps.

The price for 60 Mbps EoC is currently listed at $2,229 MRC. I expect this to come down over the next few months as marketing reworks its promotions.

Integra Telecom is one of Caisson's best-in-class partner providers

To determine if your location qualifies for the new new Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) speeds, simply contact us or call us direct at (206) 420-0140.

New Integra Promo (Limited Time) $499 10M EoC

Through March 31, 2012, phone and Internet business customers can take advantage of low promotional rates on Integra Telecom's flagship 10M Ethernet or popular T1 combinations, as well as dedicated data T1s.

As additional incentive for customers, you can offer a signing bonus, applied as an upfront service credit, for signing a 3-year term before March 15.

New Customer Promotions include:

How to dedicate telecom dollars to service, not taxes

Taxes. They're the bane of telecom pricing. Often an unexpected cost, they vary depending on your area. Here's how to lessen your tax exposure and direct more of your telecom dollars to your actual service.

Pipe voice services across the Internet

In telecom, voice services are taxed. Internet services are not. So, if you design your solution to deliver voice services across an adequate Internet connection, such as T1 lines or Ethernet Over Copper (EoC) you can lower your taxes by 50 - 70%.

Will Comcast Business Internet Service Replace T-1 Lines?

Here's a question:

Would you build your network on a service that it is not backed by a SLA?

Last week, I blogged about the benefits of an SLA. Today, I confirmed that Comcast Business's 100 Mbps high-speed business Internet service does not provide one. Am I out of step, or are they?

A $40 billion company and the 3rd largest phone service provider in the nation, Comcast has already captured SMB market share. It has done this in part with business services that the company claims will replace T-1 lines. These services, although not guaranteed, are low-cost and super fast. Two out of three legs on a stool: Not bad.