High Speed Internet, Edmonds, WA: Caisson helps private school save thousands

Caisson this week helped a school parish in Edmonds, WA save thousands of dollars on Ethernet services with Integra Telecom.

Featured industry: Education

Featured service: Ethernet over TDM

Caisson services for this project:

  • Ongoing account monitoring 
  • Resolved service quality issues
  • Conducted a telecom services audit
  • Presented price options from competing providers
  • Negotiated renewal contract

Caisson has helped the education industry with telecom for a decade. It's our great pleasure because we know how important schools are to our communities. 

That's why we were thrilled this week to help a long time school customer renegotiate its Ethernet services contract and save nearly $2,500 a year. 

Today's schools are in a unique position with regard to IT infrastructure. So much of learning is going online. Network security is an ongoing issue. Schools need robust Wi-Fi networks, public networks, office administration networks, and all of them need to be connected to high speed Internet access. Schools need sophisticated firewalls to prioritize traffic and network security. E-911 must be activated. The list goes on. And the cost goes up.

In this case, we made the cost go down.

I agree with you. It takes too long to get business DSL and Fiber services installed.

Residential service? No problem. Quick like a bunny. Like today, I went to CenturyLink online, qualified my residence for faster Internet and chose my product (100 Mbps Internet). It took me less than 5 minutes to order the service and it's scheduled to be installed in 5 business days. Hop hop!

Business services? Thirty to 90 days is standard depending on what you order. It takes a minimum of 30 days to turn up DSL. It takes months to turn on Fiber service (60 - 90 days is standard turnaround for Fiber installs). Need any augmentation or builds? That can take up to 6 months. That's S-L-O-W like a tortoise. Not to mention maddening. Especially this day in age when retailers are delivering items same day.

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Data Networking Info From CenturyLink

Now that business critical applications are becoming WAN based instead of LAN based the need for high-quality, high-speed bandwidth is important. Quality bandwidth is going to derive from a robust network, and CenturyLink has one.  Here is their Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) slick:

If you would like to quote for dedicated, high-speed Internet access at your location please give me a call direct at (206)420-0140 or contact Caisson here.

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Brian Wade is founder and president of telecom brokerage, Caisson Technologies. He has worked in telecom for 15 years, including at Integra Telecom as a customer care representative, service provisioner and sales representative. He launched Caisson in 2005. He writes about telecom products, promotions and industry trends on his blog.

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