High Speed Internet, Edmonds, WA: Caisson helps private school save thousands

Caisson this week helped a school parish in Edmonds, WA save thousands of dollars on Ethernet services with Integra Telecom.

Featured industry: Education

Featured service: Ethernet over TDM

Caisson services for this project:

  • Ongoing account monitoring 
  • Resolved service quality issues
  • Conducted a telecom services audit
  • Presented price options from competing providers
  • Negotiated renewal contract

Caisson has helped the education industry with telecom for a decade. It's our great pleasure because we know how important schools are to our communities. 

That's why we were thrilled this week to help a long time school customer renegotiate its Ethernet services contract and save nearly $2,500 a year. 

Today's schools are in a unique position with regard to IT infrastructure. So much of learning is going online. Network security is an ongoing issue. Schools need robust Wi-Fi networks, public networks, office administration networks, and all of them need to be connected to high speed Internet access. Schools need sophisticated firewalls to prioritize traffic and network security. E-911 must be activated. The list goes on. And the cost goes up.

In this case, we made the cost go down.

Continuity of Service

The school featured in this project has been a Caisson customer since 2008. With this history, the customer was able to rely on Caisson to be an expert partner that understands their business telecom over a long period of time. That's important because the traditional telecom industry fails to provide continuity of service. Read more about that here. We pride ourselves on being here for our customers, long term.

In this case, Caisson completed a telecom audit six months before the school's existing service contact with Integra Telecom was due to expire. That includes looking at where they'd been, where they are and where they are going as a business regarding telecom. During this time, we learned that the school had been having telecom service quality issues. We helped them resolve those issues. Then we helped them determine that their existing configuration was in fact meeting their current needs. With that in mind, we went shopping. Caisson presented service and pricing options from competing providers, including Integra Telecom, Frontier, Comcast Business and Windstream

Ultimately, the school chose to stay with Integra Telecom and renew it's Integrated Ethernet over TDM service (basically a rebranded dynamic T1 with a full PRI and some BBLs). This decision was due in large part to the cost savings it allowed ($190 per month). 

Valued school customers, did you know...

The E-Rate Schools and Libraries Program provides discounts on telecom, Internet access and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.

Check out Universal Service Administration Company's E-Rate Schools and Libraries Program. Or give us a call and we'll help (206) 420-0140. And thanks again for all that you do!

We have a long history of helping Puget Sound area schools. 

At Caisson, we have a long list of happy school customers. You can read testimonials from some of them here. Caisson founder, Brian Wade has been a featured speaker at a Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) conference of school facilities managers. Also, Caisson launched its charitable giving program in 2014 with a donation of audio technology equipment given to a Seattle public school.

We're easy to reach.

Seriously. Live person. Within minutes. Reach us direct at (206) 420-0140.

If your school needs telecom help please give us a call. We're famous for over-sharing (in a good way) and happy to tell you everything we know about how the telecom industry can work harder for you. Our service is free. Here's how. Visit our website for more information or to fill out a no-obligation free quote form: www.caissontechnologies.com

About Caisson

As powerful as it is, the telecom industry has not fixed its sales floor. We know because we used to work there. Direct telecom sales continue to represent constant turnover, inexperience and high-pressure sales methods. Businesses are barraged by this from dozens of providers year-round. At Caisson, we deliver the providers' services to you at the same price without the B.S.