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High Speed Internet, Edmonds, WA: Caisson helps private school save thousands

Caisson this week helped a school parish in Edmonds, WA save thousands of dollars on Ethernet services with Integra Telecom.

Featured industry: Education

Featured service: Ethernet over TDM

Caisson services for this project:

  • Ongoing account monitoring 
  • Resolved service quality issues
  • Conducted a telecom services audit
  • Presented price options from competing providers
  • Negotiated renewal contract

Caisson has helped the education industry with telecom for a decade. It's our great pleasure because we know how important schools are to our communities. 

That's why we were thrilled this week to help a long time school customer renegotiate its Ethernet services contract and save nearly $2,500 a year. 

Today's schools are in a unique position with regard to IT infrastructure. So much of learning is going online. Network security is an ongoing issue. Schools need robust Wi-Fi networks, public networks, office administration networks, and all of them need to be connected to high speed Internet access. Schools need sophisticated firewalls to prioritize traffic and network security. E-911 must be activated. The list goes on. And the cost goes up.

In this case, we made the cost go down.

Business Ethernet Seattle: Caisson helps Taphandles LLC upgrade bandwidth, consolidate services, avoid early termination fees

Taphandles LLC needed to consolidate services at its branch locations, potentially incurring thousands in early termination penalty fees. It also needed more bandwidth at its headquarters in Seattle. Caisson turned these two projects into one by negotiating with the service provider for a win-win.

Business Ethernet services featured in this project:

For this project Caisson:

  • Served as single point of contact for sale and installation of the EoF service upgrade at Seattle location. 
  • Managed the consolidation of services at client's branch locations.
  • Successfully negotiated for thousands of dollars in early termination penalty fees to be waved.

Ultimately, Caisson got Integra Telecom to wave all early termination fees associated with disconnecting services at the client's branch locations because Integra would be upgrading the client's Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) service at its Seattle location.  

For the Seattle upgrade, Caisson boosted the client's Integra service from 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) to meet the client's bandwidth requirements.

Understanding business Ethernet services from Comcast Business

This is a cool whitepaper explaining business Ethernet service from ComcastBusiness.

Click the Read More link below to view the water paper.

A highlight from the paper:

"One of the most appealing aspects of Ethernet services is that it uses the same fundamental Ethernet LAN technologies familiar to IT personnel. Businesses can leverage this to have a common pool of resources to manage both their LANs and WANs."

Caisson is an authorized agent of ComcastBusiness. That means we're certified to sell its services at the same price as its inside sales team. Call us today to qualify your business location for business Ethernet services. Direct at (206) 420-0140.

Business Ethernet Kent, WA: Caisson delivers advanced network connectivity to worldwide marine manufacturer

Caisson helps growing marine manufacturer connect its new location to its headquarters and data center with Fiber+ and EPL services.

Business Ethernet services featured in this project:

For this project Caisson:

  • Evaluated bandwidth needs
  • Qualified new business location to identify providers with fiber network connectivity available
  • Secured service pricing from multiple, competing service providers
  • Handled contract negotiations and installation scheduling

Case study:

A large U.S. based manufacturer of commercial and recreational buoys and other marine accessories with worldwide distribution opened a new location in Kent, WA. The new location houses business administration staff. A local commercial real estate agent recommended telecom services broker, Caisson to the client for business Internet service at the new location