Understanding business Ethernet services from Comcast Business

This is a cool whitepaper explaining business Ethernet service from ComcastBusiness.

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A highlight from the paper:

"One of the most appealing aspects of Ethernet services is that it uses the same fundamental Ethernet LAN technologies familiar to IT personnel. Businesses can leverage this to have a common pool of resources to manage both their LANs and WANs."

Caisson is an authorized agent of ComcastBusiness. That means we're certified to sell its services at the same price as its inside sales team. Call us today to qualify your business location for business Ethernet services. Direct at (206) 420-0140.

Comcast Business Expands Commercial Fiber Network in Kent, WA

My company, Caisson Technologies is an authorized agent of Comcast Business. Have been for 7 years. During that time, the mega company has definitely been a leader in expanding access to high-speed Internet and data to more businesses in our region, now including commercial areas in the Kent Valley. Here is the announcement from Comcast Business:

Comcast Business announced the expansion of its commercial fiber network, capable of bandwidth up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps), to underserved commercial areas in Kent, Washington, the sixth largest city in the state.

The network build out will bring Comcast Business Ethernet services to more than 150 local businesses for the first time, providing a cost-effective solution to increase speed, scale bandwidth, or connect multiple office locations on one dedicated network.

Metro E Proactive Monitoring from Comcast Business

A common question raised with Comcast Business Metro Ethernet products is whether or not they have “proactive monitoring.” In fact, Comcast provides proactive monitoring as a value-added service today. 

Comcast has a dedicated surveillance team in place that is staffed 24 x 7. They currently have a “eyes on glass” approach and monitor spectrum for any unreachable customer premise devices. 

Comcast Business Class Service

I like to think of Comcast Business service as two different offerings - Enterprise (fiber) and SMB (coax). Within Comcast Business there are two different CRMs, different rules of engagement, and different people who handle support. These notes ONLY apply to the *Enterprise* side of Comcast Business, which is the one that really excites us here at Caisson.

In the rest of this post, we address:

1. What Metro-E Offerings are offered by Comcast Business?

2. All Metro-E offering require some construction.

3. Comcast Business can deliver PRI service over their fiber, not just coax.