Understanding business Ethernet services from Comcast Business

This is a cool whitepaper explaining business Ethernet service from Comcast Business.

"One of the most appealing aspects of Ethernet services is that it uses the same fundamental Ethernet LAN technologies familiar to IT personnel. Businesses can leverage this to have a common pool of resources to manage both their LANs and WANs." -Comcast Business

About Caisson

Caisson is an authorized agent of Comcast Business. That means we're certified to sell its services at the same price as its inside sales team. We're also certified with more than 40 other providers in our region, including CenturyLink and Integra Telecom, so we can collate pricing across multiple competing providers, fast. With us, you benefit from more time to run your business, a solution that fits you needs and an expert you can call to act as s single point of contact for all phone and Internet projects. Learn more.

Call us today to qualify your business location for business Ethernet services. We're here to help. Direct (206) 420-0140. Who you'll talk to.