Business Ethernet Seattle: Caisson helps Taphandles LLC upgrade bandwidth, consolidate services, avoid early termination fees

Taphandles LLC needed to consolidate services at its branch locations, potentially incurring thousands in early termination penalty fees. It also needed more bandwidth at its headquarters in Seattle. Caisson turned these two projects into one by negotiating with the service provider for a win-win.

Business Ethernet services featured in this project:

  • 100 Mbps EoF from Integra Telecom

For this project Caisson:

  • Served as single point of contact for sale and installation of the EoF service upgrade at Seattle location. 
  • Managed the consolidation of services at client's branch locations.
  • Successfully negotiated for thousands of dollars in early termination penalty fees to be waved.

Case Study:

Ultimately, Caisson got Integra Telecom to wave all early termination fees associated with disconnecting services at the client's branch locations because Integra would be upgrading the client's Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) service at its Seattle location. 

For the Seattle upgrade, Caisson boosted the client's Integra service from 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) to meet the client's bandwidth requirements.

It's important to recognize the value of Caisson's long-term relationship with the client and the service provider to success of this effort.

Having served as a consultant for Taphandles since 2001, Caisson new the client's current service configuration, as well as the terms of its service contracts. That means Taphandles knew just who to call the minute they decided to make these changes and Caisson had the immediate knowledge it needed to move quickly and with the client's total business IT solution in mind.  

Also, Caisson has worked with Integra Telecom for more than 15 years. Integra is one of Caisson's 40+ preferred providers, along with CenturyLink and Comcast Business. Having worked as a customer service rep and service provisioner for Integra early in his career, Caisson founder Brian Wade knows how to shepherd his client's accounts through otherwise cutthroat terrain.

Caisson prides itself in being here for you long term. In this way, we're able to make powerful business IT solutions work for you without the B.S.  

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