Business Internet Spokane, WA: Caisson helps biotech company expand across the state

Caisson helps a Seattle-based biotechnology company establish business Internet service at its new location in Spokane, WA.

Featured Business Internet Service:

Featured Caisson Services:

  • Determined providers with Internet access at the location
  • Presented service provider and price options
  • Sold the service and negotiated the contract on behalf of the client
  • Tracked the account through installation

Case Study:

The client in this case study is a large CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Seattle that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries around the world.

For this project, Caisson's chief task was to qualify the new location for service and determine pricing from competing service providers, fast. Caisson is an authorized agent of more than 40 best-in-class service providers, including providers with networks in Spokane. Caisson delivered several enterprise-level options to the client, including service and pricing details from CenturyLink, Integra Telecom and Comcast Business.

Ultimately, the client chose a 50 Mbps X 10 Mbps cable Internet service from Comcast Business because it was the least expensive option.

A business phone and Internet consulting company, Caisson has a quiver of quality outsourced IT support, inside data cabling and PBX support vendors to recommend. One of our preferred partners is Digital Seattle, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of IT solutions.

In this case, Digital Seattle referred Caisson to the client. Digital Seattle handles outsourced IT work for the client and was tasked with extending services to the client's new location. Digital Seattle and Caisson have partnered on projects such as this for years, so Digital Seattle felt confident recommending Caisson. With this recommendation in mind, the client chose to work with Caisson because it represents multiple competing service providers, has more than 15 years of experience and a good reputation of seeing the project through completion and customer satisfaction. Read Testimonials

About Caisson

Caisson is a Seattle-based business telecommunications consulting company. We sell the business phone and Internet services of more than 40 telecom providers, including Integra Telecom, CenturyLink and Comcast Business. We're the better way to buy because we work with the service providers so you don't have to. We're here long-term, so you always know who to call. And we save you money, typically 20 - 30%. Plus, our consulting is free. Here's how.

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