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Business Internet Spokane, WA: Caisson helps biotech company expand across the state

Caisson helps a Seattle-based biotechnology company establish business Internet service at its new location in Spokane, WA.

Featured Business Internet Service:

Featured Caisson Services:

  • Determined providers with Internet access at the location
  • Presented service provider and price options
  • Sold the service and negotiated the contract on behalf of the client
  • Tracked the account through installation

Case Study:

The client in this case study is a large CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Seattle that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries around the world.

For this project, Caisson's chief task was to qualify the new location for service and determine pricing from competing service providers, fast.

2014 Telecom Expo Reveals Smart Trends But Highly Biased Council

This week, I attended the 2014 Integra Telecom Tech Expo. Keynote was Mitel Vice President of Sales Engineering, Joshua Haslett talking about the new role of CIOs as the "front-edge source of product innovation and customer engagement for businesses." Speakers from Metaswitch, Polycom, ADTRAN and Ciena addressed topics, including networking for the hybrid cloud, network virtualization as it relates to Wi-Fi deployment, and security with hosted exchange. Happy to go into detail about any of these topics. If you're interested give me a call or leave a comment. But here's what you really need to know about the latest trends in business telecom:

Information that comes from telecom carrier representatives is highly biased.

At the expo, if you listened to the cloud services representatives you might think the whole world is moving to the cloud and that you're crazy not to move to the cloud yourself.

October Business Phone and Internet Service Promotions Now Posted

Welcome to October. Fall's here in earnest. Caisson placed our first pumpkin of the season on the shelf today.

In telecom, many providers are continuing their September business phone and Internet service promotions through this month. The promos are up on our Current Promotions page now, including:

From Comcast Business:

Add a Voice Line with Comcast Business for only $19.95

This is great for existing Comcast Business Internet customers. Still using the old phone company for your voice service? Now is a great time to bundle in those voice lines and save.

Plus several promos from Integra Telecom:

  • Cloud Firewall Services
  • Business Connect Bundle + Security
  • Confidence Builder (i.e. new, low rates for high bandwidth in Fiber lit buildings)
  • Hosted and Managed SIP Bundles
  • Business Connect Bundles
  • Early Termination Credit Program from Integra Telecom
  • Hosted Voice Connections Bundle
  • Multi-Site Business Bundles
  • Go here for details on each

Sharing with you the most current telecom pricing promotions is just one way we work on your behalf. Contact us today for more details or to buy services now.

Caisson 1st to Offer Comcast's Business VoiceEdge™ in Seattle

Caisson president Brian Wade becomes one of the 1st independent telecommunications consultants in Seattle to successfully complete Comcast's Business VoiceEdge™ training and certification program. That means we can now bring you Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ along with Comcast's Business Internet service.

Basically a VoIP PBX in the Cloud, Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ (BVE) service is a fully managed voice solution. Five to 500 employee, single or multiple location businesses can use this service to save time and money. Call us today and we'll help you deploy Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ service.

Fanatical Employees Don't Have to Slow Down Your Business Internet Connection

TechFlash this week reports that March Madness can negatively impact your bottom line because “streaming basketball games will also affect everyone else's Internet speeds at work” and “could cost employers more than $190 million in lost productivity time.”

But it doesn't have to.

In fact, here, IT managers can make a slam-dunk.

Assuming employees get their jobs done, many business managers seem happy for workers to participate in events like March Madness. They're good for morale.

IT managers can negate the cost of this perk by adding a low balancing router with 2 WAN ports and a cheap Internet connection, like cable or broadband DSL.

Doing this eliminates slow speeds during high demand periods. Plus, it adds redundancy to your business network. So, when demands return to normal (you know, when it isn't March Madness, the US Open or the Super Bowl), your business network is more secure.

Price erosion has made this option affordable, especially if you consider, as TechFlash does, the high cost of doing nothing at all.

We can help boost your high bandwidth today. Call (206) 420-0140.