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Get Control of Your Mobile Strategy

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According to Enterprise Mobility, 91% of enterprise IT decision makers say their companies support BYOD programs. The phone number a customer uses to call your business is important. There's a relationship attached to it, if that phone number is an employee's personal line, then you give up some control over the customer relationship.

Interested in solving this problem? Ask yourself these seven questions to see if you need help with your mobile strategy.

  1. How do you enable workforce mobility?

  2. Do you have a formal BYOD strategy in place?

  3. What financial pressures does your mobility strategy create?

  4. Do your employees conduct business using their personal phones?

  5. What happens when those employees leave the company?

  6. How do you comply with regulatory requirements like recording?

  7. How do you see your infrastructure evolving?

We have vendors who can help solve this problem. You can get a company-owned number for official business voice and text added to employees' personal smartphones. Employees can now manage their business and personal communications on their preferred device. Contact us today to see how we can help.

What is your Security Posture?

You've watched the news reports of businesses being hacked and sensitive information being compromised. You know you don't want to be in that position, but what do you do? To understand your business's security posture, you must start with these questions:

  1. What is your biggest security concern and is your security spend and expertise properly allocated to address that risk?

  2. Do you have a clear picture of your overall security posture and of how it relates to industry best practices?

  3. Do you currently conduct security assessments, such as penetration tests on a bi-annual basis?

  4. How realistic is your plan to address the security gaps that you might have today?

  5. Do you have an established process to address computer security breaches?

  6. How confident are you of your ability to demonstrate compliance?

  7. Given the skills gap that exists in security, do you view the ability to recruit and retain talent and expertise as a top priority?

To learn how we can help you address these concerns, reach out today. We can help you evaluate your business priorities, business risk, and identify your most valuable assets.

Hosted Contact Center - Demystified!

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You've heard all the buzz words - IVR, ACD, CRM - and more. But how do you know what to look for in a hosted contact center solution? We understand the alphabet soup can be overwhelming. Let us help make sense of narrowing down the process. Here are the top five things to look for: 

  1. Service Reliability & Uptime - No other metric is as important as reliability. If your contact center is down for even a minute, you're losing lots of money every minute. Your contact center service provider of choice should have at least 99.99 percent reliability. Unlike on-premise solutions, contact center solutions are geographically redundant to improve dependability.  

  2. Ease of Use, Admin Portal Access, Dashboard Simplicity - The best features in the world are useless if the agent ends up writing everything down on a piece of scrap paper. Make sure the complex features of your potential contact center software are still easy enough to learn and use.  

  3. Provides a 360 Degree View of Your Customer - Your contact center solutions need to pull information about a customer from several sources and put that information in front of the agent, so the agent can better serve the customer. Knowing the customer's past actions and present concerns will help predict their future needs.  

  4. Customer Self Service Features and Automated Tasks - Let your agent do the important stuff, but the boring tasks can be done for you. A good contact center Solution will make the most of your agent's time.  

  5. Security Measures - In today's age of identity theft and leaked emails, you need the proper amount of encryption to keep your data safe. In addition, all financial and medical communications/data are tightly regulated. Be sure that your customers will feel safe giving private information to your agents.  

Want more help with the alphabet soup? Call us today 

Help Voice Play Nice on the Network

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UCaaS is the next step in the voice evolution, but voice is tricky. It is not just another app on the network. When users experience issues they are not as forgiving as when email is "slow." VXSuite analyzes all aspects of cloud communications, marrying the phone call records, video sessions, network traffic, etc. with their effects on the voice, in real-time. 

Let us help you correlate and unify disparate data sets, enabling you to handle issues regardless of where they may occur.

VXPulse offers: 

  • Universal reporting for any IP address, regardless of manufacturer 

  • Simulated calls across the network to test voice and video success 

  • Reports to determine average as well as high and low MOS scores 

  • Enable multiple teams to have real-time visibility 

Learn more about how VXSuite can help you understand your environment, optimize the network, and deliver great call-quality to your end-users.

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7 Things Your UCaaS Solution Needs 

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Unified Communications (UC) is here to stay -- as evidenced by a recent report from Frost & Sullivan, where almost two-thirds of companies report that UC is deployed within their organization. But it isn't perfect. Companies continue to struggle to align their IT strategies with their business goals, effectively handle security and privacy concerns, and manage a web of multi-vendor solutions.

Why You Should Consider a Cloud-Based Solution:

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools can help mitigate these challenges and support corporate goals for investment. But many businesses struggle to provide a complete suite of UC tools to all end users, across campuses and home offices, geographies and time zones. Enter UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service.

Moving communications and collaboration applications to the cloud allows companies to see significant, measurable benefits across a range of areas. But, not all UCaaS solutions are alike.

If you're evaluating potential UCaaS providers, make sure to look for key criteria:

  1. Secure, reliable performance. With more than 50 percent of employees routinely working remotely, and with companies competing on a global stage, make sure your cloud-based solution can deliver on its SLAs.

  2. Cap-ex savings and cost consistency. If you want to reduce up-front investment and move to an Op-Ex model, make sure your chosen provider offers a subscription model in which prices are consistent.

  3. Advanced features. Businesses look to cloud-based UC services to deliver cutting-edge capabilities as soon as managers and end-users want them. Make sure you'll be able to turn on advanced functionality as needed, without incurring unexpected costs or needing a contract renewal.

  4. Quick deployment. To stay competitive, you need to move on a dime. Make sure your chosen cloud-based solutions can be up and running in hours; that users will always be on the latest version of the software; and that it is easy to configure for new users and use cases.

  5. Scalability and flexibility. Cloud-based UC services let companies add and remove new employees as needed. This supports fluctuations in staffing needs and helps growing companies quickly catch up to larger competitors. Make sure your solution provider can offer the kind of flexibility and scalability your business needs today in any location, and on any network or device.

  6. Support for multiple locations and remote workers. Few businesses can afford to have IT staff at all their corporate offices, and none can personally support home-office and traveling workers. Look for a cloud solution that can be deployed and managed from anywhere.

  7. End-to-end solution set. A single provider makes management a breeze and ensures consistency across applications and platforms. One of the biggest challenges IT managers face is handling the myriad tools in place at their organizations-some of which are brought in by employees themselves, without input from IT. By deploying a single solution with end-to-end capabilities, companies can give their employees everything they need to get work done-all while streamlining contracts, billing, support and management.

UCaaS delivers numerous benefits to businesses as they fight to stay competitive in an increasingly global, collaborative, and always-on world. Make sure your chosen solution can deliver leading-edge capabilities without the need for up-front investment, is easy to deploy to all employees, offers access to advanced features, helps maintain security and compliance, and delivers 24/7 management and support everywhere you need it.

To find out how your business could profit by deploying a UCaaS solution please give us a shout today.

VOIP Quality Monitoring 101

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Proactively monitoring every VoIP call allows the telecom manager to solve customer call service problems with more efficiency and improve high-end service selling capabilities. Using a vendor-neutral third-party voice quality monitoring tool provides insight into where issues are occurring

Voice Quality Culprits 

A quality issue for a given endpoint could be a PC issue, a data network issue, a voice routing issue, a Windows server oriented problem, or an IP phone system configuration issue. Finger-pointing, both internally and among vendors involved, can often happen when it comes to tracking down problems with a Unified Communications (UC) system. 

Often it is difficult to determine the cause when users experience voice issues. Issues could be the result of: 

  • Hardware device failure 

  • Cable connection problems 

  • T1 Circuit issues 

  • Voice traffic traveling over the public internet 

  • Bandwidth limits exceeded 

  • Carrier related errors 

The best way to determine what is causing the issue is to use a vendor-neutral voice quality monitoring tool. The tool can pinpoint where the problems are occurring and can offer steps to remedy the issue.  

If you are business is having voice quality problems with your VoIP please give us a shout and we can help diagnose the problem and fix it.

Need a Vanity Toll Free Number for Your Business?

A toll free number can be handy for your customers especially if it's an easy to remember vanity number.

When I set up Caisson years ago, I wanted a vanity toll free.  I used a try and they helped me secure (844)CAISSON for a nominal fee.  

They make toll free number vanity registration a breeze and they are professional to work with.

If your business needs to secure a new Toll Free Number or would like to get a Vanity Toll Free Number I recommend giving a try. 

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Understanding business Ethernet services from Comcast Business

This is a cool whitepaper explaining business Ethernet service from ComcastBusiness.

Click the Read More link below to view the water paper.

A highlight from the paper:

"One of the most appealing aspects of Ethernet services is that it uses the same fundamental Ethernet LAN technologies familiar to IT personnel. Businesses can leverage this to have a common pool of resources to manage both their LANs and WANs."

Caisson is an authorized agent of ComcastBusiness. That means we're certified to sell its services at the same price as its inside sales team. Call us today to qualify your business location for business Ethernet services. Direct at (206) 420-0140.