Get Control of Your Mobile Strategy

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According to Enterprise Mobility, 91% of enterprise IT decision makers say their companies support BYOD programs. The phone number a customer uses to call your business is important. There's a relationship attached to it, if that phone number is an employee's personal line, then you give up some control over the customer relationship.

Interested in solving this problem? Ask yourself these seven questions to see if you need help with your mobile strategy.

  1. How do you enable workforce mobility?

  2. Do you have a formal BYOD strategy in place?

  3. What financial pressures does your mobility strategy create?

  4. Do your employees conduct business using their personal phones?

  5. What happens when those employees leave the company?

  6. How do you comply with regulatory requirements like recording?

  7. How do you see your infrastructure evolving?

We have vendors who can help solve this problem. You can get a company-owned number for official business voice and text added to employees' personal smartphones. Employees can now manage their business and personal communications on their preferred device. Contact us today to see how we can help.