Comcast Business Class Service

I like to think of Comcast Business service as two different offerings - Enterprise (fiber) and SMB (coax). Within Comcast Business there are two different CRMs, different rules of engagement, and different people who handle support. These notes ONLY apply to the *Enterprise* side of Comcast Business, which is the one that really excites us here at Caisson.

1. What Metro-E Offerings are offered by Comcast Business?

Ethernet DIA (basic Internet access over fiber)

Prices this month: 20MB: $1175 200MB: $3900 1GB: $9500

Ethernet Private Line (meshed)

Prices this month: 20MB: $775 50MB: $1500 100MB: $1950

Ethernet Virtual Private Line prices this month: 20MB: $975 50MB: $1500 100MB: $1950

2. All Metro-E offering require some construction.

In many cases, your Comcast Business Partner Sales Manager (PSM) can "make these fees go away" with business passes ($1000 per) and MRC ($1MRC ~ $10NRC that can be absorbed). Longer terms help that absorption rate as well.

3. Comcast Business can deliver PRI service over their fiber, not just coax.

If you order PRI over fiber, Comcast Business will knock off $100 the total cost in addition to paying you an $800/PRI SPIF. With the $100 discount, that is basically a 2X MRC SPIF.

If you would like to order Comcast Internet Access for your business give us a call: (206) 420-0140. Or, go to our Contact page for email options. Visit our Home page for more info on Caisson.