Enterprise fiber

Fiber service is likely available at your location already

I was reminded again this week just how available Enterprise Fiber is to businesses in the urban core. It's very available.

This is due in part to cellular service providers, who had to build Fiber to provider 4G service to customers months or years ago. Cellular towers have had to go from T1s to Fiber as their data needs have grown. To do this, they've contracted with telecom providers, like Integra Telecom and tw telecom to get that Fiber built ASAP. Business customers that need fast Internet can tap into this network and get Fiber service to their business locations.

I'm working with a number of organizations on Fiber solutions at the moment, including one where we are splicing into a cellular provider's existing Fiber build. That's what made me think to send this tip to you. 

Want to know if your business's new or existing location qualifies for Fiber service? I can answer that for you. Just give me a ring direct at (206) 420-0140. Or, to learn more about my company visit: Caisson Technologies.

Comcast Business Class Service

I like to think of Comcast Business service as two different offerings - Enterprise (fiber) and SMB (coax). Within Comcast Business there are two different CRMs, different rules of engagement, and different people who handle support. These notes ONLY apply to the *Enterprise* side of Comcast Business, which is the one that really excites us here at Caisson.

In the rest of this post, we address:

1. What Metro-E Offerings are offered by Comcast Business?

2. All Metro-E offering require some construction.

3. Comcast Business can deliver PRI service over their fiber, not just coax.