Business Ethernet Kent, WA: Caisson delivers advanced network connectivity to worldwide marine manufacturer

Caisson helps growing marine manufacturer connect its new location to its headquarters and data center with Fiber+ and EPL services.

Business Ethernet services featured in this project:

For this project Caisson:

  • Evaluated bandwidth needs
  • Qualified new business location to identify providers with fiber network connectivity available
  • Secured service pricing from multiple, competing service providers
  • Handled contract negotiations and installation scheduling

Case study:

A large U.S. based manufacturer of commercial and recreational buoys and other marine accessories with worldwide distribution opened a new location in Kent, WA. The new location houses business administration staff. A local commercial real estate agent recommended telecom services broker, Caisson to the client for business Internet service at the new location

Caisson quickly determined which providers had fiber networks already at the new location and collated service pricing across competing providers.

As part of this step, Caisson evaluated the client's existing extensive network, including how best to connect the new location to existing locations. Caisson researched whether it was more cost effective to daisy chain together the new location and the client’s existing headquarters or to connect the new location directly to the client’s existing data center.

Ultimately, the client needed 100 Mbps connection to the Internet and 100 Mbps point-to-point between the new location and its existing data center in neighboring Tukwila, WA.

Caisson helped the client negotiate a contract for CenturyLink® 100 Mbps Fiber+ service and Integra Telecom 100 Mbps point-to-point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service.

The client appreciated Caisson for being the single point of contact for both projects throughout negotiations, account activation and service installation.

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