Dedicated Internet Monitoring - Now Free with Integra DIA Services

Starting on October 1st, 2015, Integra Telecom will integrate bandwidth reporting tools into their IntegraCare online customer portal.

"In an effort to continually bring you the most reliable, up to date products and services, Integra is updating its Network Utilization Monitoring (NUM) tool for our High Speed Internet Access customers. Available on October 1st you will have enhanced stability in our network monitoring platform, an upgraded user interface, as well as the added benefit of having this tool fully integrated into your existing IntegraCare account. Please note, on October 31st our current network monitoring tool, Cricket, will be discontinued. Integra is excited to provide this enhanced capability to our Internet customers." -Integra Customer Care

Here is a screenshot of one of the many network utilization reports that you can build and run in real time: 

Here is an example of a Seattle 50Mb EoF (Ethernet Over Fiber) customer who is trying to decide if they need to upgrade to 100Mb.

Here is an example of a Seattle 50Mb EoF (Ethernet Over Fiber) customer who is trying to decide if they need to upgrade to 100Mb.

The Network Utilization Monitoring tool will be available with any and all Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits such as; T1, Bonded T1, EoTDM, EoC, and EoF services.

Integra's DIA services start as low as $399 for 10Mb Business Connect Bundle that includes 6 voice channels, 2000 min of LD, web hosting, email, conference calling and 8 Static IPs.  

If you would like to get see if your businesses could benefit from any of Integra's Dedicated Internet Access services please call me at (206) 420-0140.  

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