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Verizon Gobbles Up XO Communications

Another day another episode in the saga that is The Incredible Shrinking Telecom Sector.

Verizon gets a lovely fiber network in the deal.  It will be interesting to see if they try and put their toe back into the Seattle telecom market.

If your interested in finding out more about how this consolidation might affect your situation please give us a shout today @ (206)420-0140.

Dedicated Internet Monitoring - Now Free with Integra DIA Services

Starting on October 1st, Integra will be integrating bandwidth reporting tools into their IntegraCare online customer portal.

The Network Utilization Monitoring tool will be available with any and all Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuits such as; T1, Bonded T1, EoTDM, EoC, and EoF services.

Integra's DIA services start as low as $399 for 10Mb Business Connect Bundle that includes 6 voice channels, 2000 min of LD, web hosting, email, conference calling and 8 Static IPs.

Seamlessly interconnect and expand your connectivity with Verizon Ethernet Services for Business

Seamlessly interconnect and expand your connectivity with Verizon Ethernet Services.

Verizon is exceptionally competitive when the building is LIT, only charging the customer for the port as opposed to both the port and the access.  This can result in up to a 40% discount, and can be sold in conjunction with VoIP to provide the customer a complete Tier 1 Solution.

At Caisson, we're excited to share this offer with you. Verizon is one of more than 40 best-in-class service providers we represent.  Please contact us with any questions.

Read more to see PDF about Verizon Ethernet offerings.