Comcast to Charge for Ethernet IP Addresses

Comcast Business will start charging for IP’s on Ethernet services on any order placed after 09/30/2017.  This is a Company Wide change and there will be no exceptions.  Any order that is out pending will need to be updated on 10/1 to add the new IP Charges.  Here is the rate grid that will go into effect on October 1st:

Comcast will start charging for Comcast provided static IP blocks with EDI as our IPv4 availability is a limited resource, and the industry standard is to charge for static IPv4 blocks.

  • P2P IP blocks (both /30 and /29) will be free of charge and not listed on the SOF or invoice
  • Additional Customer IPv4 block charges are above
  • IPv6 /48 block will be $0 charge
  • IPv4 blocks larger than /24 (or greater than 500 usable IP requests) will remain ICB

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