Ethernet services

Seamlessly interconnect and expand your connectivity with Verizon Ethernet Services for Business

Seamlessly interconnect and expand your connectivity with Verizon Ethernet Services.

Verizon is exceptionally competitive when the building is LIT, only charging the customer for the port as opposed to both the port and the access.  This can result in up to a 40% discount, and can be sold in conjunction with VoIP to provide the customer a complete Tier 1 Solution.

At Caisson, we're excited to share this offer with you. Verizon is one of more than 40 best-in-class service providers we represent.  Please contact us with any questions.

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DocuSign® Selects Integra Telecom for Voice, Data, Cloud Connectivity

This month, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™ DocuSign® selected northwest-based business phone and Internet service provider, Integra Telecom for its voice, data and cloud connectivity needs.

This is big news for Caisson customers of every size and industry. It means Integra continues to be a valid, large player in the business telecom marketplace. Many businesses don't realize this because Integra started as a small service provider delivering POTS lines and DSL. That was years ago, however. Since then, they acquired ELI (also years ago) and now have the high bandwidth infrastructure to support large, growing organizations regionally and around the world.

Integra is one of over 40 telecom service providers that we work with at Caisson. We've been a valued agent of Integra since our inception in 2005. We're proud to work with its management, engineering teams and provisioners to deliver connectivity and bandwidth to customers via Integra Voice Communications services, IP/MPLS VPN and Ethernet services. Contact us.

Here are more details about the DocuSign announcement as represented in a press release from Integra: