CenturyLink Ethernet Now Available!


As a CenturyLink Channel Alliance Partner, Caisson Technologies can now sell CenturyLink Ethernet to business customers in select markets. CenturyLink Ethernet employs automated, programmable, rapid provisioning technology and brings a rich set of features and enhancements to deliver an exceptional customer experience and enhanced support. This is the first service delivered on CenturyLink’s new, enhanced IT system platform.

CenturyLink Ethernet (CE) is a next-generation Layer 2 networking service that enables:

  • One-Hour Service Delivery – CE can be provisioned on a near-real-time basis where access is available. This means we can upgrade bandwidth and change class of service in as little as one hour once access is in place.
  • One Single, Simplified Ethernet Product – CE will simplify the selling experience by automating qualification, quoting, contracting and ordering. Ultimately, five existing CenturyLink Ethernet services will be reduced to one competitively-priced product.
  • A Larger Ethernet Footprint to Sell Within – CE moves beyond the traditional metro footprints and can now be sold in a broad metro, regional and national footprint that spans 17 states.

Key Benefits of CE:

  • Delivers automated, proactive notification to customers in the event of a fault – in just 5 minutes!
  • Offers a predictable service performance that is certified with the latest MEF CE2.0 standards.
  • Better Customer Experience – CE provides an advanced self-service portal for customers to monitor their service performance and SLA reporting.

Here is a list of markets that cities where CE will be available:


If your business needs to upgrade its connectivity, contact us or simply call (206)420-0140.