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High Speed Internet, Edmonds, WA: Caisson helps private school save thousands

Caisson this week helped a school parish in Edmonds, WA save thousands of dollars on Ethernet services with Integra Telecom.

Featured industry: Education

Featured service: Ethernet over TDM

Caisson services for this project:

  • Ongoing account monitoring 
  • Resolved service quality issues
  • Conducted a telecom services audit
  • Presented price options from competing providers
  • Negotiated renewal contract

Caisson has helped the education industry with telecom for a decade. It's our great pleasure because we know how important schools are to our communities. 

That's why we were thrilled this week to help a long time school customer renegotiate its Ethernet services contract and save nearly $2,500 a year. 

Today's schools are in a unique position with regard to IT infrastructure. So much of learning is going online. Network security is an ongoing issue. Schools need robust Wi-Fi networks, public networks, office administration networks, and all of them need to be connected to high speed Internet access. Schools need sophisticated firewalls to prioritize traffic and network security. E-911 must be activated. The list goes on. And the cost goes up.

In this case, we made the cost go down.

Comcast Business Expands Commercial Fiber Network in Kent, WA

My company, Caisson Technologies is an authorized agent of Comcast Business. Have been for 7 years. During that time, the mega company has definitely been a leader in expanding access to high-speed Internet and data to more businesses in our region, now including commercial areas in the Kent Valley. Here is the announcement from Comcast Business:

Comcast Business announced the expansion of its commercial fiber network, capable of bandwidth up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps), to underserved commercial areas in Kent, Washington, the sixth largest city in the state.

The network build out will bring Comcast Business Ethernet services to more than 150 local businesses for the first time, providing a cost-effective solution to increase speed, scale bandwidth, or connect multiple office locations on one dedicated network.

Caisson Honors Teachers: Donates to Local School

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week this week, we announce the start of Caisson's Charitable Giving Program. Right now, our focus is on education with an emphasis on improving technology in local schools.

As with most starts, our first donation is humble. Still, it is with deep appreciation for Gatewood Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher, Mr. Skeffington that Caisson donates Califone® headphones for his in-classroom, active-learning computer lab.

Caisson Technologies Helps Emerald City Law Firm Save Thousands by Overhauling Telecom

Emerald City Law Jason's contract with their existing carrier had expired and the old T1 based service was expensive and the 1.5Mb of bandwidth was inadequate. The new high speed intent service will be based on Integra Telecom Broadband DSL which can provide up to 20Mb download speeds. The total savings is over 50% or $300 per month.

“I'm looking forward to consolidating all of these services into a single provider. Saving money, improving bandwidth and consolidating email and web hosting is something we've wanted to do for some time”, said Jason Anderson, owner of Emerald City Law Firm. “With an experienced partner like Caisson brokering the deal I feel confident the benefits proposed will be realized.”

“I'm always excited to work with small businesses and help them take advantage of the faster internet services and lower prices that are continually becoming available in the market place”, said Brian Wade, President and Lead Consultant for Caisson Technologies. “Helping firms like Emerald City Law drive productivity and improve their bottom line is our mission at Caisson.”

In the current slow growth economy small businesses are looking to create efficiency's and become more productive. New unified communications hardware and faster, cheaper connections to the internet can often be combined to produce higher output per employee and monthly savings that drop straight to the bottom line. As they say, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

The ultra-competitive telecommunications marketplace can be a confusing place to navigate for small business owners and office managers.