Caisson helps international travel company MIR Corporation source best phone system for current and future growth

Why we chose the NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 phone system (remote workers take note). Plus, know this insider tip when purchasing voice solutions to support your business phone system.

NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 (photo courtesy of NEC,

NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 (photo courtesy of NEC,

Within 24 hours of being contacted by MIR Corporation, I was meeting with the company to learn its unique requirements and evaluate its existing telecom solution, including its Comcast Business Internet and PRI Voice service. The 25-year old international travel company needed help deploying a phone system that provides remote worker capabilities and a solution for growth. I helped them efficiently select the best system to meet those requirements, including immediate and long-term demands.

Specifically, MIR had a remote worker who needed to be tied into the system right away. The company's decade-old NEC IPK II phone system didn't support that. The client was happy with the NEC brand of products, so we first looked to NEC's current offerings, including it's award winning SV8100 technology. Ultimately, MIR chose the NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 phone system because it's highly reliable, scalable, IP Unified Communication enabled and offers a broad range of mobility applications and devices.

Working faster than the industry norm, I arranged for voice communications distributor Black Box to demonstrate the system to the client that week. The solution was installed 3 weeks later.

This is an example of how at Caisson, we know who to bring in and at what point to get technology solutions up and working quick. It's one of many reasons to call us rather than the providers direct. But don't just take it from me. Here's what the client had to say:

"We were searching and searching for an expert to give us the clear-cut information on current phone system options and Brian did exactly that. We needed a new technology partner to help us navigate the current telecom landscape and find us the right solution. Brian was extremely helpful in this process, providing an assessment of various platform choices to consider and ultimately referring us to a vendor who gave us a great deal on a new system while also meeting our very short deadline. We were up and running, trained and had the remote worker IP phone in place and working just fine in just 2 weeks time. Brian provided great follow-through and follow-up – rare indeed in this day and age. We wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Caisson for future telecom recommendations and upgrades." -Annie Lucas, Vice President, MIR Corporation

Also during the selection process, I made certain that the new system worked with MIR’s existing Comcast Business connection. MIR was getting a good quality of service from Comcast Business, so there was no reason to switch service providers.

In MIR's case, Comcast Business has relatively new last mile infrastructure in Seattle’s Pioneer Square area where MIR is located, so there was no reason to change.

Consider this when configuring a voice solution to support your new phone system:

Don't be pressured by direct sales reps to switch voice service providers if everything is working fine. That said, if you're experiencing poor-performance, like downtime that's a legitimate reason to consider a change.

Problems with your voice services may be due to the age of the telecom infrastructure owned by your service provider. Here's why.

Traditional terrestrial telecom, whether cable service, DSL, POTS lines or Fiber, is only as good as the quality of the "last mile" infrastructure (the actual wires in the air and in the ground) maintained by the provider. Several providers with last mile in the Pioneer Square area, for example, have old networks. Those networks don’t operate as well. Customers may experience downtime as a result. For this reason, we see businesses moving to whatever service is the newest in the area.

Caisson is happy to help you evaluate this. We run free site qualifications and surveys to find out who has the best service at your location. We work with all the best-in-class service providers in the area, including Comcast Business, CenturyLink and Integra Telecom, so we aren't biased toward one service over another and you're free from the pushy sales rep who just wants to make a sale. Reach me direct for help at (206) 420-0140.


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