Shared Internet Access vs Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Comcast Business sells a ton of bandwidth for a very low price. That is their market position. Their Business Cable service is not being sold on reliability or service. That is one of the main reasons my preferred partnership is with Integra Telecom. Being locally run in every market that they opperate provides them with an advantage when it comes to customer can and support for partners and customers.

Cable and DSL services are the least expensive and least reliable products on the bandwidth spectrum. By sharing the Internet Access over a large number of customers and by managing the up time on a "best effort basis" they can provide lots of bandwidth for not a lot of money. For business that don't have heavy implication costs associated with "Downtime" this is a great solution. But as soon as business needs require guaranteed service levels of 99.999%, two hour mean time of repair, controlled jitter and latency, and symmetrical bandwidth customers move into the Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) products. All DIA products are sold with Service Level Agreements (SLA's).