Create a Data Recovery Plan

Create a data recovery plan and secure your network It's unrealistic to think that you can completely avoid cyber-attacks and data breaches, so it's vital to have a proper data recovery plan in place. You can also tighten your defenses significantly by ensuring all of your network devices are properly configured, and by putting some thought into all of your potential network borders.

Data Recovery Capability Do you have a proper backup plan in place? Have you ever tested it to see that it works? Disaster recovery is absolutely vital, but an alarming number of companies do not have an adequate system in place. A survey of 400 IT executives by IDG Research revealed that 40% rate their organizations' ability to recover their operations in the event of disaster or disruption as "fair or poor." Three out of four companies fail from a disaster recovery standpoint, according to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark.
A successful malware attack can lead to altered data on all compromised machines and the full effects are often very difficult to determine. The option to roll back to a backup that predates the infection is vital. Backed up data must be encrypted and physically protected. It's also important that a test team routinely checks a random sampling of system backups by restoring them and verifying data integrity.
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The Advantages of Using a Telecom Broker

As a telecom consultant we are often asked, "What is the difference between using you and a direct telecom rep?" If you have ever wondered, we hope this provides some insight: 

  • A telecom broker/consultant has years of experience in telecom. They also understand the processes and products of not just one carrier but many. You will get a professional who can understand your business and needs and partner you with the best carriers to help reach your goals. 

  • A typical telecommunications company will have over 50 percent sales turnover each year. This results in hiring individuals quickly with much less experience. These candidates do not have the perspective or experience of a consultant who has worked with many carriers. 

  • Telecom brokers are paid a small residual by the carrier. This means they are invested in the long term happiness and satisfaction of their clients. A direct rep is paid upfront and moves on, with no reason to stay engaged or be concerned in regard to the customer's satisfaction. 

  • Telecom brokers are a neutral party, they can provide completely unbiased advice and perspective 

  • With a broker you will get you the best pricing available and will be there for the long term to support your account. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your services, please give us a call. I would love to help you out!

Caisson can help businesses tackle cyber security concerns by leveraging AlienVault®, an AT&T company

Security is top of mind for any business, large or small. Caisson can now help customers address these concerns with AlienVault® cyber security solutions.

Helping protect clients’ IT infrastructure against today’s emerging threats is more important than ever. AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) platform is now available in the AT&T Alliance Channel, in collaboration with AlienVault. AlienVault® combines threat detection, incident response, and compliance in one product.

AlienVault® is an exciting addition to the AT&T Cybersecurity portfolio, which includes:
• Threat Management Solutions w/ 24/7 monitoring
• Firewall Security Solutions- premise & network
• DDoS Defense
• Mobile Security
• Netbond- highly secure connection to cloud solutions
• Security Incident & Event Management Solutions
• Web Security Solutions
• Email Security
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Cybersecurity Consulting
• IoT Security
• Security Education for employees

If your business needs help tackling cyber security give us a shout today, we can help.

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VOIP Quality Monitoring 101

voice quality monitoring.png

Proactively monitoring every VoIP call allows the telecom manager to solve customer call service problems with more efficiency and improve high-end service selling capabilities. Using a vendor-neutral third-party voice quality monitoring tool provides insight into where issues are occurring

Voice Quality Culprits 

A quality issue for a given endpoint could be a PC issue, a data network issue, a voice routing issue, a Windows server oriented problem, or an IP phone system configuration issue. Finger-pointing, both internally and among vendors involved, can often happen when it comes to tracking down problems with a Unified Communications (UC) system. 

Often it is difficult to determine the cause when users experience voice issues. Issues could be the result of: 

  • Hardware device failure 

  • Cable connection problems 

  • T1 Circuit issues 

  • Voice traffic traveling over the public internet 

  • Bandwidth limits exceeded 

  • Carrier related errors 

The best way to determine what is causing the issue is to use a vendor-neutral voice quality monitoring tool. The tool can pinpoint where the problems are occurring and can offer steps to remedy the issue.  

If you are business is having voice quality problems with your VoIP please give us a shout and we can help diagnose the problem and fix it.

Need a Vanity Toll Free Number for Your Business?

A toll free number can be handy for your customers especially if it's an easy to remember vanity number.

When I set up Caisson years ago, I wanted a vanity toll free.  I used a try and they helped me secure (844)CAISSON for a nominal fee.  

They make toll free number vanity registration a breeze and they are professional to work with.

If your business needs to secure a new Toll Free Number or would like to get a Vanity Toll Free Number I recommend giving a try. 

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Moving to MS O365? We can help make that migration simple.

Is your old MS business server long in the tooth?  

Are you currently using O365 and not satisfied with your support?

We've been helping customers with e-mail migration to the cloud for over 18 years now.  One of our favorite suppliers is Spectrum Enterprise. 

With Spectrum Enterprise all of the Office 365 Licenses will also include the following at no additional charge:

  • 24x7x365 Management and Support
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • SLA – 99.9999% 
  • Microsoft Premium Gold Support
  • End to End Data Migration – White Glove
  • Proofpoint Security – Signature-based Antivirus, Spam Filtering, Content Filtering, Threat detection
  • Less the 10 minute response time to urgent situations

If your business is looking to move your email to the cloud or your already in the cloud but unhappy with the support you get, please give us a shout.