Does Comcast's 100 Mbps High-Speed Internet Service Come with a SLA?

In a recent TechFlashQ&A, Comcast Business Services President Bill Stemper touted the company's 100 mbps high-speed Internet service calling it “second to none.” In a press release, Comcast claims the service offers businesses “one of the fastest Internet speeds in the U.S.” These show-stopping assertions have garnered good press for the company.

My question is: Does the service come with an SLA?

SLA means Service Level Agreement. You get a SLA if you buy Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Otherwise, the service provider gives you what is called a "best effort" agreement. No guarantees.

Specifically, here's what a SLA gives business customers:

  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Guaranteed speed
  • Guaranteed trouble resolution

I am going to find out if Comcast Business's 100 Mbps high-speed Internet service comes with a SLA in the coming days. I will let you know when I do.