McKillican American Inc. Selects Caisson Technologies to Improve Its Telecom

We are excited and honored to be working with Canada-based McKillican American Inc. to improve its telecommunications across multiple offices in the U.S. The following is news coverage in the Seattle PI of our work. Find the original article here. For help with your business telecom contact us or give us a call today at (206) 420-0140.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Wholesale distributor, McKillican American Inc. is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It plans improved telecommunication services at several of its locations in the U.S.A. The company chose Washington-State-based Caisson Technologies to provide telecom consulting and to deliver telecom services and equipment.

Beginning with the company's Oregon and Idaho locations, Caisson identified available carriers. This is known as “qualifying a location” in telecom speak, and it's the first step in buying telecom.

“There is obviously a great deal of expertise with Caisson Technologies that eliminates the telecom language barrier. Caisson is really good at dissecting problems within our telecom infrastructure, condensing details and revealing solutions in a way we can understand.”-Marc Emond, IT Manager, McKillican American Inc.

Caisson also helped the company select the ideal carrier for each location's unique, specific needs.

“It's really hard to determine service availability, service quality and customer service style from the carriers' websites. Uncovering and concentrating that information for our customers is one way we provide value. Thirteen years of telecom experience helps us to do that.” –Brian Wade, President, Caisson Technologies

Caisson reveals other strategic telecom information for its clients, including how technologies connect to phone systems, how to get out of an existing contracts, or reasons to keep a current contract. Caisson's telecom consulting and management is free for its customers.

In the case of McKillican American Inc., its Sherwood, Oregon office had just moved. Caisson qualified the new location, determined that Comcast was available, secured current pricing and deployed Comcast Business's Internet Starter package. With this solution, the new location has 10 times more bandwidth for less money. Also, Caisson helped source a NEC SV 8100 phone system from Integra Telecom for the Sherwood, Oregon and Boise, Idaho locations.

According to Marc Emond, McKillican American Inc. plans to work with Caisson to deploy improved telecom services to additional locations in the months to come. “We are working with Brian on a location by location basis and we look forward to using his expertise to get the best solutions we can.”


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