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McKillican American Inc. Selects Caisson Technologies to Improve Its Telecom

Wholesale distributor, McKillican American Inc. is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It plans improved telecommunication services at several of its locations in the U.S.A. The company chose Washington-State-based Caisson Technologies to provide telecom consulting and to deliver telecom services and equipment.

Beginning with the company's Oregon and Idaho locations, Caisson identified available carriers. This is known as “qualifying a location” in telecom speak, and it's the first step in buying telecom.

“There is obviously a great deal of expertise with Caisson Technologies that eliminates the telecom language barrier. Caisson is really good at dissecting problems within our telecom infrastructure, condensing details and revealing solutions in a way we can understand.”-Marc Emond, IT Manager, McKillican American Inc.