Broadband DSL

Residential Internet Access Keeping Your Teleworkers Down?

Does poor performing residential Internet access keep your teleworkers from being productive?

In a lot of cases, it’s not the bandwidth that determines performance across a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s latency, jitter and packet loss. Specifically, it's what the service provider, like Comcast is doing to the network behind the scenes that causes latency, jitter and packet loss, which in turn slows residential service. Sometimes to a stand still.


For $299/mo your teleworker can be more productive. That’s the price of an MPLS T1 to a residence. I'm designing this exact solution for a small business with a from-home teleworker this week. You can get a MPLS node via DSL transport for as little as $109.95/mo right now. Other transport methods are available, including T1 ($299) and EoC (call for pricing).

Bandwidth ranges for different transport methods:

  • DSL - 1.5Mb down X 768k up to 25mb down to 1.5mb up
  • T1 - 1.5Mb symmetrical to 12Mb symmetrical.
  • EoC bandwidth is available from 3Mb to 30Mb.

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Fanatical Employees Don't Have to Slow Down Your Business Internet Connection

TechFlash this week reports that March Madness can negatively impact your bottom line because “streaming basketball games will also affect everyone else's Internet speeds at work” and “could cost employers more than $190 million in lost productivity time.”

But it doesn't have to.

In fact, here, IT managers can make a slam-dunk.

Assuming employees get their jobs done, many business managers seem happy for workers to participate in events like March Madness. They're good for morale.

IT managers can negate the cost of this perk by adding a low balancing router with 2 WAN ports and a cheap Internet connection, like cable or broadband DSL.

Doing this eliminates slow speeds during high demand periods. Plus, it adds redundancy to your business network. So, when demands return to normal (you know, when it isn't March Madness, the US Open or the Super Bowl), your business network is more secure.

Price erosion has made this option affordable, especially if you consider, as TechFlash does, the high cost of doing nothing at all.

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