Ethernet Over Fiber

CenturyLink Fiber+ service in Seattle

Caisson has worked with CenturyLink for a decade+. We get info on its new products and services all the time. Here's what you should know about CenturyLink Fiber+ Service for business.

Key Benefits of CenturyLink Fiber+ Service:

  • More Savings - get 25% or more off the lowest advertised competitive rate*
  • Greater Bandwidth - scalable speeds up to 500 Mbps delivered over CenturyLink's national Tier-1 IP/MPLS network
  • Cloud-ready Capabilities - symmetrical upload and download speeds that support business class applications
  • Easy Migration - extend the life of your existing equipment with a seamless migration

Best suited for:

Businesses that need enterprise-grade SLAs, multiple sites or need for dedicated Internet connections or private connections across the CenturyLink MPLS network.