Proactive Monitoring

Metro Ethernet Proactive Monitoring from Comcast Business

A common question raised about Metro Ethernet (Metro E) services from Comcast Business is whether or not they have “proactive monitoring.” In fact, Comcast Business provides proactive monitoring as a value-added service today.

They have a dedicated surveillance team in place that is staffed 24 x 7. They currently have an “eyes on glass” approach and monitor spectrum for any unreachable customer premise devices. Once an alarm is detected, a ticket is opened, and the Comcast Business network is verified to make sure there are no outages resulting in the loss of access to their Ciena switch. If no outages are identified, Comcast Business will reach out to the customer via e-mail and a phone call, letting them know that they have lost visibility to the premise device, and ask that they verify power or confirm there is work being done at the location that may have resulted in the alarm. If the customer confirms that nothing is wrong at the premise, Comcast Business's Enterprise personnel would arrange for a dispatch of a Comcast Business technician to go to the location and troubleshoot the issue. Comcast Business's current objective is to reach out to customers within 15 minutes on unreachable device alarms.

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