Your Business Internet Doesn't Have To Go Down

April is Disaster Preparedness Month. Safeguard your business network by adding a secondary Internet connection.

Known as building redundancy, a secondary connection ensures uptime and comes with a sophisticated firewall.

Plus, market competition and price erosion have made it affordable.

Getting the right kind of redundancy is important. You don't want to buy two connections from the same carrier, for example.

In this effort, there are three types of redundancy to consider:

  • Technological (T1 line vs. DSL or cable vs. telecom)
  • Carrier (Comcast cable vs. Integra Telecom DSL)
  • Delivery (terrestrial vs. wireless)

Much like one selects a diversified financial portfolio to lessen risk, businesses layer telecom solutions to ensure that their Internet never goes down. Caisson can help you do that in a way that works with your existing solution. Contact us today.