Satisfaction Guarantee

Integra Telecom announces 90-day satisfaction guarantee

Traditionally, telecom carriers use contracts to handcuff customers. Customers sign them. Then, depending on how good the sales person was, they walk away feeling something between annoyance and dread.

In light of this custom, local, business phone and Internet service provider, Integra Telecom really stands out.

Integra this week announced a 90-day satisfaction guarantee for all new customers. A nice gesture from a nice company with high-ranking customer service, but there's a more significant benefit to consider.

With it, you're less likely to have service problems. Here's why I say that:

The guarantee shows that Integra stands behind its network. In other words, it knows that it manages its network in a way that minimizes downtime, that the equipment it owns is top-notch, and that the customer service people it employs are transparent and helpful. The company does that as much for itself as for its customers. Problems are expensive for everyone. Still, if you do have a problem and you don't like the way Integra handles it, the guarantee let's you out of your contract. At least for the first 90 days.