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Multiple Sites? This Managed PBX Is For You.

I attended the launch of business phone and Internet service provider, Integra Telecom's Managed IP-PBX service yesterday. It's a gem, especially for businesses with multiple locations and IT managers spread thin.

Classic Integra, it is late to the market with this service. XO Communications, MegaPath (via Speakeasy), Qwest, and many others have offered managed PBX for months. Still, Integra's service is industry leading. Here's why.

With managed PBX, you don't have to buy or manage a phone system. Integra's service one-ups that basic benefit with the added value of terrific engineering.


Every Integra managed PBX customer has his own separate PBX box. There's no sharing. No big database platform. It's like putting your PBX in a datacenter. This is unique in the market. Most providers have one server that holds the entire hosted PBX platform. Thus, all customers are on the same platform. Any virus or security threats are system-wide, as are software updates.

Also, everything is Integra (the hardware and it’s maintenance, the phone service, the Internet connection and the PSTN handoff). That means customers avoid the infuriating finger pointing that goes on when multiple providers deliver the service (think Comcast connection, plus third party PBX vendor, plus out of state contractor).

Two caveats:

1. Integra’s managed PBX service is not cheap. At first glance, it appears more expensive than just going out and buying a system. But that is not accurate when you take into account the total cost of owning a phone system over time, including the cost to buy it, manage it and fix it when it’s broken. With that in mind, the managed PBX service more than pays for itself.

2. Integra managed PBX customers must have at least 24 phones, although they can be at different locations.

All in all, I’m excited. Integra’s service is reliable, beneficial and innovative. If you have any questions or want specific pricing give us a call today for more details: (206) 420-0140.

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