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Caisson Helps Affinity Home Care Services Deploy Latest in Hosted Voice

We've really been heads-down busy at Caisson of late, so it's nice to look up and see news coverage of the work we do to help our customers. Today, I'm excited to share coverage of our work to help Affinity Home Care Services select, install and manage a brand new hosted phone service from Comcast Business called Business VoiceEdge™. Caisson was one of the first independent telecom consultants in Washington State to be certified to sell this new business hosted voice service. 

The work we did with Affinity Home Care Services was featured in many media outlets, including The News Tribune in Tacoma, HeraldNet in Everett, The Olympian and The Bellingham Herald, as well as in publications in other Pacific Northwest states.

This case study is really helpful for any small to mid-size business in need of a new phone system, or that is experiencing call-quality, call flow and voicemail issues with an existing system. 

Here's what appeared in The News Tribune:

Caisson Technologies Helps Affinity Home Care Services Deploy the Latest in Business Hosted Voice

Seattle Washington (PRWEB) September 29, 2014 - Affinity Home Care Services, a Puget Sound-based provider of in-home care solutions for older adults, hired Seattle-based telecommunication consultancy, Caisson Technology to help it select and purchase a new business phone system this month. One of the first independent sales agencies in the northwest to sell Business VoiceEdge™ (BVE), a hosted voice service from Comcast, Caisson Technologies used its agency to get the service installation expedited and correctly managed on its client's behalf.

Toll Fraud On Rise, Buy VoIP System From Trusted Source

Toll fraud is on the rise. Just last month, one of my clients faced a $1,200 bill due to fraudulent activity on their phone system. Somebody hacked into their system by using a default user name and password for a conference phone and made hundreds of minutes of international calls.

Toll fraud is more common today because VoIP phone systems are more popular. VoIP systems can be hacked because they are connected to the Internet. The costs associated with fraudulent activity add up fast.

Digital phone systems can be hacked, too, but it's much harder and thus rarely happens.

Here are 2 ways to protect your business from toll fraud:

May 2014 Phone and Internet Service Promotions

Sharing with you the most current telecom pricing promotions is just one way we work behind the scenes on your behalf.

This month's business phone and Internet service promotions include:

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