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What is your Security Posture?

You've watched the news reports of businesses being hacked and sensitive information being compromised. You know you don't want to be in that position, but what do you do? To understand your business's security posture, you must start with these questions:

  1. What is your biggest security concern and is your security spend and expertise properly allocated to address that risk?

  2. Do you have a clear picture of your overall security posture and of how it relates to industry best practices?

  3. Do you currently conduct security assessments, such as penetration tests on a bi-annual basis?

  4. How realistic is your plan to address the security gaps that you might have today?

  5. Do you have an established process to address computer security breaches?

  6. How confident are you of your ability to demonstrate compliance?

  7. Given the skills gap that exists in security, do you view the ability to recruit and retain talent and expertise as a top priority?

To learn how we can help you address these concerns, reach out today. We can help you evaluate your business priorities, business risk, and identify your most valuable assets.