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Help Voice Play Nice on the Network

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UCaaS is the next step in the voice evolution, but voice is tricky. It is not just another app on the network. When users experience issues they are not as forgiving as when email is "slow." VXSuite analyzes all aspects of cloud communications, marrying the phone call records, video sessions, network traffic, etc. with their effects on the voice, in real-time. 

Let us help you correlate and unify disparate data sets, enabling you to handle issues regardless of where they may occur.

VXPulse offers: 

  • Universal reporting for any IP address, regardless of manufacturer 

  • Simulated calls across the network to test voice and video success 

  • Reports to determine average as well as high and low MOS scores 

  • Enable multiple teams to have real-time visibility 

Learn more about how VXSuite can help you understand your environment, optimize the network, and deliver great call-quality to your end-users.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of On-Premise Phone Systems


1. You own it

An on-premis (on-prem) system is yours. You own and manage it. You're not dependent on anyone else to get it to work, which of course means you are responsible for making it work. But if you don’t want to do that, you can hire out some parts of the maintenance to a vendor. Just be sure to pick one that is trained and certified on your specific system.

2. It's highly customizable and robust

Highly customizable, an on-prem system has a long shelf life--typically, 10 – 20 years if run in a proper environment (not to hot, not to dirty). Overall, on-prem systems offer every day performance and relatively easy maintenance.


Toll Fraud On Rise, Buy VoIP System From Trusted Source

Toll fraud is on the rise. Just last month, one of my clients faced a $1,200 bill due to fraudulent activity on their phone system. Somebody hacked into their system by using a default user name and password for a conference phone and made hundreds of minutes of international calls.

Toll fraud is more common today because VoIP phone systems are more popular. VoIP systems can be hacked because they are connected to the Internet. The costs associated with fraudulent activity add up fast.

Digital phone systems can be hacked, too, but it's much harder and thus rarely happens.

Here are 2 ways to protect your business from toll fraud:

Caisson 1st to Offer Comcast's Business VoiceEdge™ in Seattle

Caisson president Brian Wade becomes one of the 1st independent telecommunications consultants in Seattle to successfully complete Comcast's Business VoiceEdge™ training and certification program. That means we can now bring you Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ along with Comcast's Business Internet service.

Basically a VoIP PBX in the Cloud, Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ (BVE) service is a fully managed voice solution. Five to 500 employee, single or multiple location businesses can use this service to save time and money. Call us today and we'll help you deploy Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ service.

VoIP across unmanaged networks? Avoid the pitfalls in 2 steps.

How to deploy VoIP correctly

1. Choose a managed network. Integra Telecom has one of the best VoIP solutions in the Seattle area because they provide the phones, the Internet connection and the hosted PBX. They own all three of the components in the solution. With this control, they manage their network very well and trouble shoot quickly. Their solution is not cheap, however, and not catered to people with less than six lines and ten phones. Call me for more details: (206) 420-0140

2. Use VoIP as backup. Businesses decide to buy Integra's VoIP solution because they want a redundant (secondary) solution. Some choose it because they don't want to buy, manage and maintain a phone system. In both cases, the decision to purchase VoIP is based on operations, not cost.

In summary, businesses should not buy VoIP solutions or hosted PBX solutions that are delivered across unmanaged networks. It will be a frustrating experience. Instead, aim for products and services that help you sound bigger than you are, safeguard your professional image and boost productivity. Therein lies the power of telecom for business.

If you would like advice on the right solution for you, give us a call: (206) 420-0140. Or visit our Contact page.

Multiple Sites? This Managed PBX Is For You.

I attended the launch of business phone and Internet service provider, Integra Telecom's Managed IP-PBX service yesterday. It's a gem, especially for businesses with multiple locations and IT managers spread thin.

Classic Integra, it is late to the market with this service. XO Communications, MegaPath (via Speakeasy), Qwest, and many others have offered managed PBX for months. Still, Integra's service is industry leading. Here's why.

With managed PBX, you don't have to buy or manage a phone system. Integra's service one-ups that basic benefit with the added value of terrific engineering.


Every Integra managed PBX customer has his own separate PBX box. There's no sharing. No big database platform. It's like putting your PBX in a datacenter. This is unique in the market. Most providers have one server that holds the entire hosted PBX platform. Thus, all customers are on the same platform. Any virus or security threats are system-wide, as are software updates.

Also, everything is Integra (the hardware and it’s maintenance, the phone service, the Internet connection and the PSTN handoff). That means customers avoid the infuriating finger pointing that goes on when multiple providers deliver the service (think Comcast connection, plus third party PBX vendor, plus out of state contractor).

Two caveats:

1. Integra’s managed PBX service is not cheap. At first glance, it appears more expensive than just going out and buying a system. But that is not accurate when you take into account the total cost of owning a phone system over time, including the cost to buy it, manage it and fix it when it’s broken. With that in mind, the managed PBX service more than pays for itself.

2. Integra managed PBX customers must have at least 24 phones, although they can be at different locations.

All in all, I’m excited. Integra’s service is reliable, beneficial and innovative. If you have any questions or want specific pricing give us a call today for more details: (206) 420-0140.

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